Episode 13

The Homebody (if your body spoke what would it say?) with Maria Guinazu

Maria is a psychologist and educator.

Maria was born and raised in Argentina. As a kid she loved to dance. Her Mum was a great role model but Maria still felt not good enough amongst her “beautiful” peers.

After some tough years at school, Maria’s interest in the mind-body connection led her to study psychology, move to London and continue her psychological quest.

And then, out of the blue, devastating news: Maria’s Mum died.

Months later, still numb with disbelief, Maria was invited to study at the Tamalpa Institute for Expressive Arts in California. She packed her bags and once there began to unpack her grief.

Join me to hear Maria’s inspirational story, the link between grief and food and Maria’s concept of the homebody.


  • [01:20] Concept of the “homebody” around grief
  • [10:00] Pressures/notions around the “Argentine” woman
  • [14:40] Dealing with grief (and somatic training at Tampala Institute)
  • [27:40] Amy Winehouse Foundation 


Instagram: @maria.iggy

Website: theembodimentcorner.com 


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