Episode 5

Over exercise, perfectionism and control around food with Charlotte Tooth

When Charlotte was a child, food was limited and plain. Sometimes, she went to bed hungry. 

As a dancer this helped her limit her food and over-train, such were the demands of her profession. But it didn’t help her overall health and wellbeing. 

Charlotte avoided the various pitfalls in the dancing world but even now she struggles to eat “different” food and feels too poor to eat posh. Hear how she maintains balance in her new life. 

Episode Timestamps:

  • [02:37] - Food in the dancing world
  • [10:03] - Poor, potatoes and going to bed hungry
  • [15:14]- Embarrassment around food
  • [15:44] - Eating in public
  • [21:30] - Over exercise
  • [22:47] - Man on the beach
  • [31:05] - The “bikini” audition
  • [33:00] - Tasmanian devil and Charlotte’s Five Foods she would take to an island

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