Episode 9

Not Falling Through the Cracks with Abby Attenborough

Abby is a registered associate nutritionist, personal trainer and founder of A + NUTRITION.

At school, Abby played sports to a high level. Her skinny friends called her ‘muscly’ but she lived to eat and took care of her nutritional needs.

However, at University her relationship with food and exercise soured and she developed anorexia and bulimia. What had started as one thing became something else entirely. 

But, Abby is ambitious; she knew her lifestyle and the resultant damage would prevent her achieving her goals, and maybe, destroy her chance to become a Mum. So… she decided to stop her behaviours… and get better.

Find out how the tenacious Abby conquered her demons and continues to learn from her recovery.


  • [05.31] - Body image and Body Dysmorphia
  • [10.00] - Eating disorders start
  • [20.44] - Scared of harming self
  • [27.00] - Yoga helps conquer urges
  • [33.03] - Food as a character


Instagram: @aplus.nutrition

Website: aplus-nutrition.com


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