Episode 10

Bulimia, Recovery and The Artist’s Way with Katie Barbaro

Katie’s Mum was often on a diet and struggled with her body. When Katie followed suit her Mum said she was perfect. But Katie felt confused.

“I couldn’t trust what she was telling me.” The discrepancy rang loud and clear.

At Grad School Katie over-exercised, controlled her food and ended up bulimic. But when she finally understood, “It’s not the pain that brings us down, it’s the shame around the pain.” (Glennon Doyle) her world began to change. 

Find out how Katie turned her recovery and body into a creative project with her cartoon memoir FED UP: An Illustrated Guide To Food Freedom, available in brilliant, self-effacing detail for big kids and adults by Katie Barbaro.


  • [09.50] - Control Master of the Universe
  • [15.40] - The thing with bulimia….
  • [22.30] - Met someone and opened up about eating disorders
  • [33.20] - Major relapse, routine interrupted
  • [39.00] - FED UP THE BOOK


Instagram: @thefedupthebook

Website: katiebarbaro.com

Info about Katie’s book: thefedupbook.com


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